To contact us, you can write directly from the form below or use other means of communication.

Enter the registration section and enter your personal information by selecting the section that suits you.

Search by code - if you know the code of the part, simply write the code you are looking for in the search section and search. Search by car - a car is selected by sequentially entering the brand, model, engine information and other information that requires you to choose a car. After that, select the sections of the detail you want to search, and as a result, the system takes you to the necessary details.

After defining the details, you can prepare an order list by pressing the BASKET button. After preparing the order list, you can enter the BASKET section and change the number of the order, cancel it and place the order. After the order is completed, your orders are forwarded to the sellers (may be different sellers) and the sellers contact you about the order.

Otobaza website is not responsible for delivery. Delivery is arranged by each seller. That is, you need to agree with the seller.

The buyer can make the payment according to the seller's request by agreeing with the seller.

Card to Account number - paying from card to account number.

The warranty conditions of the goods are determined by the Sellers, and OTOBAZA bears no responsibility in this regard.

According to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the purchased goods can be returned within 14 days if they are not damaged, not used and the packaging is not damaged. You should also talk to the sellers about this.

Sellers are responsible for item .

A spare part may be sold by different stores. Clicking on a spare part provides detailed information about which store sells that part.
At the same time, you can get information about the address of the seller by contacting the number mentioned in the review section.

Each registered Buyer can create his own garage. There are 2 ways to do this. Adding the car selected from the first page to the garage and adding it from the Garage section in Personal information.
The advantage is that you don't have to search for a car in each trip, you can choose the car you need with just one button.

When the details are ordered, an order list is prepared in the My Orders section and a notification is sent to you.
The advantage of making an order is that your order is followed not only by you, but also by the seller and our website. It is more important for us to complete your order so that you can visit our site again and be satisfied with our services.

The accuracy of the detail is determined only between the buyer and the seller and according to the information of the buyer. Otobaza bears no responsibility in this regard.