About us

We are the first professional company in Azerbaijan that sells spare parts through a digital platform, mobile application and creates an analytical database for vehicles. On March 3, 2022, the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBIA) in Azerbaijan awarded our company with a Startup Certificate. In addition to our field of activity, small and medium-sized businesses engaged in the sale of car parts, establishing business relationships with car repair and car services were included, and at the same time, a cooperation environment with drivers was created.

About the company

Our team has 20 years of professional experience in this field. In the first years of our activity, we carried out wholesale and retail sales of spare parts in Azerbaijan for various types of trucks and cars from all over the world. Having provided the sale of spare parts for various world brands and models, we realized that in order to expand this area, it is necessary to move on to innovative solutions in accordance with modern requirements. Thus, in 2018, together with our team, we launched a digital project, choosing a more convenient way for buyers and sellers. We have developed a web platform and a mobile application "OTOBAZA" for you.

Project goal

By offering this product, we are confident that our website and mobile application will be useful for both spare parts sellers and buyers. The OTOBAZA platform creates a market environment between buyers and sellers without the involvement of third parties. In this environment, we have provided a convenient for Buyers selection of real prices for spare parts, and for Sellers the opportunity to negotiate with buyers.
One of the goals of the OTOBAZA project is automation and transparency between Drivers and Parts Dealers.
The OTOBAZA platform allows drivers to find stores selling spare parts and accessories.
Drivers can reach the address by ordering a spare part through the "OTOBAZA" platform.
Through the OTOBAZA platform, drivers can filter their search for parts by distance or price.
Drivers can find the necessary spare parts in the OTOBAZA mobile application in several ways:
  • By adding Request (to get a quick offer from stores)
  • With spareparts code (unique code set by the manufacturer)
  • Ability to search for spareparts by vehicle VIN (unique code)
  • Ability to search by the catalog (by brand, model, category spareparts and other parameters)
  • TechCard - İn this section you can get information about the work done in your transport and the next work to be done
Startup "OTOBAZA" is open to new opportunities, investments and other business partnerships.





Register by entering your personal information and add your car to your personal garage.

Finding a spare part

Find the spare parts you need for your car and choose the product according to the price and short distance from the list provided.

Purchase of spare parts

Entering the selected product, obtaining detailed information about the Seller and ordering (purchasing) the product.




Register by entering store information and creating a store.

Spare Parts Placement

To download a list of spare parts in bulk or retail, download the sample EXCELL file and load it into the system.


Select the required package according to the number of spare parts and pay for the number of clicks.